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Power Technics introduces the smallest DIN-rail power supplies on the market

Power Technics recently introduced the first member of a new generation of DIN-rail power supplies, the 250W model PT577. This product will soon be followed by 125W and 500W models with the same high level of specifications.

DIN-rail users like to put as much functionality as possible on the smallest possible length of rail. In other words; the market demands slim designs. 
With the PT577 Power Technics introduces the smallest 250W DIN-rail power supply on the market today! 

Where all competitors' products in the same power range are 60mm or wider, the PT577 is only 50mmwide, saving over 15% of rail space.

This small size is not achieved by compromising functionality, but simply by improving the efficiency (typically over 94%) and compactness of the design, using state-of-the-art circuits and components of the highest quality level. In fact, the PT577 offers more functionality and flexibility to its users than ever before, making it suitable for almost every application.

Apart from the high efficiency, the design is ruggidized for use in the most demanding environments, vibration tests are performed at 4g. Conformal coating is a standard feature, so high relative humidity, even with condensation, is no problem. The operating ambient temperature range is -25 to +70°C without derating.
Its excellent EMC performance level make it suitable for maritime use on the bridge and open deck area. All this is reflected in a Germanischer Lloyd (GL) approval, with sufficient test reports to qualify the products for every maritime certification society around the world.

Power Technics introduces the smallest DIN-rail power supplies on the market